Our horses: Tony, Midnight, Omar, Nikki, Danny, Vader, Tanner, and Radar!



 I joined the team in May of 2007.  I am a 24 year old, 13 hand pony.  I like my jobs that here at ATRC.  I will be a great choice for all you little guys learning to ride. In the winter I am the shaggiest guy around!



My name describes my appearance because I am almost all black.  I stand at a mighty 12 hands and am the cutest member of the ATRC team (at least I think so).  Because I do various ground tricks, I am the perfect pony for all you folks who cannot ride on my back.  I will enjoy playing games with you from the ground.



I am a favorite among riders and volunteers because of my handsome looks and good manners.  I am a 19 year old, bay Arabian gelding. My specialty is taking care of people.


I am the tallest horse at ATRC. Just because I'm big doesn't make me scary. I am a really sweet guy.


I am a Gypsy Vanner cross. My flowing mane and tail and my coloring make me extra handsome!

Vader and Tanner

We are on loan from Camp Blue Star. We are very happy to spend the fall, winter and spring on the ATRC pastures. As you can see we really like to spend time together.


I am new to ATRC. I look a lot like Omar and I am also an Arabian. I was rescued and am learning to be a therapy horse.